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Created by digital activists, for digital activists and nonprofits that want to change the world.

Rally Starter was created because we believe in people-powered change. Our goal is to democratize advocacy, and make it easy for change-makers to accomplish their goals for a better world.

Our team has worked on the frontlines of social issues for numerous nonprofits and good causes. For years, we created social justice campaigns for clients using digital advocacy tools. But while large nonprofits have access to the tools needed to build online advocacy campaigns from scratch, we found that smaller organizations, community organizers and passionate citizens did not have access to the technology needed to launch effective digital advocacy campaigns on their own.

Rally Starter allows everyone with a cause to create a movement. Whether it’s a boycott, pledge, petition, or more comprehensive campaign, anyone who starts a Rally can target decision makers and influencers through one-click phone calls, emails, and social media to make a difference.

Change is in our hands. Now let’s rally.

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