About Us

Rally Starter was created by digital activists, for digital activists and concerned citizens that want to change the world. Our team at Media Cause works on the frontline of social issues for nonprofits and good causes alike. For years we have created social justice campaigns for clients using cutting-edge digital tools. While the tools exist to build an online campaign from scratch, it’s neither cheap nor easy to launch a full scale digital advocacy campaign.

Our goal is to democratize advocacy so that individuals and organizations can launch a comprehensive cross-platform campaign in minutes, not weeks. We've made it easy and cheap—free for individuals—to recruit supporters and mobilize actions that are proven to create real change. On Rally Starter, you can create campaigns including one-click phone calls to decision-makers, targeted email campaigns, real-world or virtual events, boycotts, social media actions, and more.

A digital force for a greater good.

Media Cause is a digital marketing and communications agency for mission driven organizations. We are online organizers, digital marketers, creative designers and passionate techies helping others leverage the power of digital to create a better world.