Do I need to add multiple targets to my rally?

No, you do not need to have more than one target for your rally. However, part of what makes Rally Starter a unique and effective platform is that it gives changemakers the ability to target not just the primary decision-maker, but additional people, companies, or groups that have influence, as well as allies who could be helpful in rallying support around this issue.

We recommend considering how including different targets could advance your goals. You can always update your targets and actions over time to reflect changes in your issue. Check out our Rally Starter Guide for more suggestions on how to effectively engage multiple targets in your rally.

Do I need to add multiple actions to my rally?

No, you do not need to have more than one action in your rally. But remember, you’ll be driving dedicated supporters to your page, so why not leverage their attention while you have it? It’s easy for supporters to take multiple actions on your page. Additionally, including a variety of actions gives you multiple touch-points for reaching your decision-makers and influencers, so you can exert pressure in the most effective ways to create meaningful impact. You can also update your actions over time to reflect your current focus and any changes in your issue or campaign. Check out our Rally Starter Guide for more suggestions on how to effectively use multiple actions in your rally.

How do I find the contact information for my target?

Rally Starter has built out a database of all federal Senators and Members of Congress that is free and available for anyone to use. For other targets, you’ll need to manually add in the contact information (i.e. email address, physical address, phone number, and/or Twitter handle).

Many politicians, companies, and influential individuals have contact information publicly available on the internet. We suggest starting with a Google search or by checking the website of your target to find the most specific contact information available. For example, if you’re trying to reach the CEO of Walmart, look for an email address or phone number for that person’s office, rather than a general customer service number.
Sometimes, direct contact information is hard to find or not publicly available. In this case, start with what you have or start by targeting influencers in order to gain access to your decision-maker.

What makes a compelling Rally?

A compelling Rally is clear, concise and passionate. While you don’t want to overwhelm supporters with information, you do want them to know why you’ve taken up this issue and let them know how they can help accomplish your mission through precise actions. For more on this, check out our Rally Starter Guide.

Is there anything off-limits for a Rally?

Check out our Rally Starter Guide for rules and restrictions.