How it works

What is Rally Starter?

Rally Starter is a platform for organizing groups of people with a shared passion for a social issue. We build and activate digital communities to take small actions that create meaningful change in the real world.

How Rally Starter works

Rally Creators

Rally Supporters

One platform. Multiple actions for change

Phone Calls

There are 5+ billion phones in the world. This gives an incredible number of people a direct line to power decision makers.


If millions of us voice our concerns, we can’t go ignored. Direct feedback through email can impact decision makers.


Vote with your dollars. If we only financially support those who share our values, the world would be a better place.


Activate your digital community to mobilize in real life so that your vision of change is seen by the public.

Social Media

If social media is an echo chamber, recruit the whole chamber to join your rally and take action for real change.

Decision Makers and Change Agents

It’s essential to identify the specific people who have the power to create change. But don’t forget the many key influencers and powerful allies who can create additional pressure for change.