Ask Jon Stewart to Restore Sanity Again

Join the rally to ask Jon Stewart to come out of retirement and help restore sanity, for real this time. America needs his voice of reason, passion for justice and ability to make light of craziness.


For 16 years Jon Stewart spoke to millions of Americans about current events in a way that was both educational and entertaining. His ability to call bullshit on people from both sides of the aisle and from all walks of life was unique and has been sorely missed. The Daily Show, Jon Oliver and many others continue to do a great job combining news and social awareness. But since Stewart stepped away from The Daily Show, the world we live in has gone from crazy to batshit crazy. We need his storytelling and social commentary more than ever. Stewart, sorry for interrupting your retirement but this is important. We don't care if it's a weekly show, monthly show, Rally to Restore Sanity 2, a Twitter account, or vlog from the farm but America needs you.


How many people will it take to convince Jon Stewart to come out of retirement? We don't know. But we're hoping to find out. Join us. #RallytoRestoreJonStewarttoRestoreSanityAgain

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