Stop the Ambush of our Public Clay Tennis Courts!

Tulane University has apparently approached the Audubon Nature Institute and––away from public view––they've discussed a plan to convert six of Audubon's ten clay public tennis courts to hard courts. Demolishing 60% of Audubon's clay public courts will: 1) Destroy and disperse the community of over 40 players who play at the Audubon Public Courts, and 2) Disrupt and displace the diverse community of tennis players of all ages at nearby Atkinson Stern Public Courts. Clay courts are far easier and friendlier to the human body than hard courts. But if 60% of Audubon's clay courts are converted to hard courts, that will result in a guaranteed shift of the players from Audubon to the already over-burdened courts at Atkinson-Stern. Sign the petition and Stop the Ambush!